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Getting to Know Mrs. Zeta Faye White

Zeta Faye White is an asset to McKinney, Texas. Graduated Salutatorian of Doty High in McKinney, Texas. A pillar of the community and always a helping hand when anyone needs help. Mrs. White's house has fallen on hard times over the years and being the proud woman that she is, she has managed to keep up with the repairs for several years. Her homestead has been in need of repairs that are beyond her reach, such as the plumbing and the foundation. Recently with the discovery of snakes occupying her home, she was force to flee. She began by telling her story to one of her neighbors, Tara Gadlin Williams, who in turned, reach out to Lisa Washington- Unoko, CEO of Lead By Example. Ms. Washington-Unoko went to work getting the word out that the community needed to come together to help out one of our own. After a late night Facebook Live and phone calls to Mayor George Fuller and City Councilman District 1, Justin Beller a plan of attack was formed!

A meeting was setup between Mrs. White and Mrs. Washington-Unoko and they were going to go in front of the City Council and ask for help. After this was accomplished and Mrs. White was able to tell her story and meet the Mayor for the first time, Lead By example went to work. Lead By example set up a donation bank through PayPal and CashApp and sold Official Lead By Example Shirts.

Lead By example was able to raise the $5,000.00 in back taxes and get the City of McKinney to come out and inspect the residence. The results from the inspection show that the house was inhabitable and that building a new house was the only option. We are happy to announce that Mrs. Zeta Faye White will be getting a brand New Home and that the City of McKinney believes in their Seniors and the entire Community. Proving that they are definitely "Unique By Nature"!

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